Bodega Del Rio Elorza

Patagonia is considered one of Argentina's most beautiful places. In this setting, Bodega Del Río Elorza is born, in Colonia Lucinda de Fernández Oro, in the High Valley of Río Negro. Clay loam soils, considerable diurnal temperature variation, numerous sun hours, and abundant water availability, turn this terroir into a privileged zone for grape growing and wine making activities. These conditions together with a passion for wine and the wine world, inspired Familia Del Río Elorza's dream of producing wines with identity, wines wich expressed the terroir's best qualities.

Their 40 hectares of vineyards are located in Colonia Lucinda, together with a small winery equipped with avant-garde technology to ensure the utmost care in each stage of wine production.

In order to make this prized project come true, the qualification and competence of wine achieving wines that represent a true expression of winemaking excellence in this privileged area of Argentinean Patagonia. Winemaking Consultancy is in charge of renowned winemaker Alberto Antonini who achieves the maximum expression of each wine produced by the winery