Bodega FP

alt The winery Franceschini Posenato was born from the dream of two young winemakers, who supported by their families, decided to create a real life project, in the town of Mendoza, Argentina, finding in the following years a strong tie with this land.

Giuseppe Franceschini and Paolo Posenato met for the first time at the University of Udine, Italy, where they were attended the course of Viticulture and Winemaking, and there they discovered their passion for the wine which brought them to found a production project which flew in the FP Bodega some years later. During their years of study and thanks to the frequent travels abroad, they had the possibility of knowing the best wine areas of the world, enriching in that way their training and enlarging their knowledge of this fascinating profession linked to the wonderful world of wine.

Always during this period, besides studying on the books, they dedicated their time to study deeply the wine area of north-eastern of Italy, taking part to guided tastings, learning all what they can on vines and local vinification methods and visiting with care the best wineries of the region, in order to learn the secrets and the production methods.

So they started during these years to work together making experiments typical vinification of a wine province of Veneto, Gambellara (Vicenza), producing wines as Recioto and Vin Santo. These first proofs and the experience received from them were the beginning of the future projects. Today they are proud to have in their professional curriculum experiences in Italian wineries of different regions (Sicilia, Veneto, Toscana, Lombardia and Emilia Romagna), and abroad in countries as Argentina, South Africa and Moldova. This cultural exchange allowed them to compare different working techniques, enriching their knowledge and creating new ideas that they have wisely merged with the philosophy of the Italian winemaking school.

In 2007 with a strong conviction of what they want to realise, they started producing their wines giving life to a concept of high quality wine with an Argentinean soul and an Italian style, which today expresses itself in their first line called Bacan.