Bodegas y Viñedos Crotta

Don José Eduardo Crotta, the winery´s founder, was born in Pavia, Italy in 1905. In 1919 he arrived in Argentina, lived in the city of Buenos Aires for a while and set up a beverages centre there. In 1933 he decided to diversify his operations and settled in the province of Mendoza, with his dreams of founding a winery.

The winery is located 40km east of the capital city of Mendoza, in the district of Palmira, San Martin county and can be easily identified by a 33m tower which contains wine storage vats. From the lookout on the top, one can see and enjoy a beautiful landscape surrounded by vineyards and contrasted with the spectacular snowed mountains.

The vineyards can be found in the so called “Central Valley”. One of them has 300 hectares in the "Ramblón" district, 200 of these are cultivated hectares and there are other vineyards in the «Chapanay» district.

Bodega Crotta wines are known to be made of finest quality grapes and elaborated with great care in order to preserve their full characteristics and personality. Currently, Eduardo Crotta´s son (Carlos Leopoldo Crotta) and his grandchildren continue producing top quality wines and have managed to maintain the tradition and prestige achieved through so many years of effort and dedication. With the experience and trajectory of being the "third generation of producers", the Crotta Family stands for high quality wines not to be missed!