Bodega Melipal

For generations the Aristi family has laboured the land in order to obtain its best fruits. They have been truly convinced that honest work does give a satisfaction that goes far beyond any economical achievement. This concept has been inculcated to their children as well as to all the others who share their challenge. Mendoza used to be just an idea and it was not after many years that the dream could become a reality. Today all their efforts are put into this family project.

The Agrelo region, where the Melipal winery is located, is at 960 meters above sea level, on the piedmont of the highest area of the Mendoza River. Its natural arid soils, the radiant sun, the cool nights and the clear water coming down the mountains make the area the perfect place for their varietal wines to develop and meet their natural requirements. These unique characteristics along with the hard work made by their people set the most favourable conditions for the production of excellent wines, with great aromatic concentration, remarkable flavours and an elegant finish.