Hubert Weber Wines

When it comes to wine, specifically it's identity, there are two essential elements that are unavoidable: One is the region where the vine grows, a certain climate, a soil profile, with a topography, the daily and seasonal temperature range, planting density, yield, irrigation, pruning… the other hand is the hand of man, the imprint of a person who passionately seeks to maintain, transform, intensify and develop a certain style of wine, based on the grapes he is using for it, and his personal style and philosophy of winemaking.

Hubert Weber Wines are made by the hand of Swiss-born oenologist and Burgundy-trained oenologist of the same name, who settled in Argentina about 16 years ago. Besides his job as chef winemaker at Bodega Weinert, a prestigious Argentinian winery, he also runs his own domain in Luján de Cuyo.

All of his wines are based on the selected Single Vineyard idea which is also the name of the Hubert Weber range: Vineyard Selection followed by the Cellar Selection and the Winemaker Selection. The las one beeing a blend, reuning the single vineyard characters with harmonized caretaking winemaking and the winemaker's art of blending.

What can one expect when Swiss precision meets exuberant Latin America? Two words: Vinos Fantasticos!